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What should be the dominant goal of the criminal sanction? Why?

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In the legal and social science literature, legal and criminal scholars define criminal sanctions by differentiating them from civil sanctions. From a historical and philosophical perspective, a criminal act differs from civil action in the way in which criminality is viewed by society. A criminal act is considered in a broader context as a crime against all of society.

While a criminal act may be perpetrated against one member of the community, the criminal action is such that it violates the moral and social structure of the society at large. A civil action may hurt society, but many violations of civil law are not viewed as negatively as criminal acts. If you had a choice between working next to a tax evader or a murderer, who would you choose? Your answer demonstrates how society is more socially accepting of violations of civil law than criminal law. The broader social implications of violating civil or criminal law distinguish the goals of sanctions.

For example, the financial...

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