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what should i do when i talk to somebody who is from Spain?  anything that i can't do or say? what is the taboo? and i have a brother comes back from Spain but i do not know how to communicate with him. it is the first time i talk to him, so can u tell me what i not to do ? i mean, u know culture shock is the main problem, and i am afraid that i will make some mistake.  thank you. PS: i can only speak a little bit english and he can not speak chinese, and it is the first time he comes back to china.

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I wouldn't worry too much. I think as long as you keep things simple and don't try to do too much, he'll be OK.

Chances are it will take him 2-3 weeks to settle in. Don't try to do too much other then just "hang out" during that first period. 

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