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What should be included in a country statement (Bolivia) to win the Model UN?

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Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations where students mock the role of delegates from different countries and try and solve the real world issues at hand. In order to prepare for your conference, you need to prepare a Position Paper— sometimes called a Policy Statement. The position paper usually contains four parts: a background of the topic at hand, past international actions and behavior toward the issue, the country's policy on the issue, and possible solutions to the issue.

In your research, you can use reliable sources such as newspapers (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post), the UN website for UN reports and past resolutions, the CIA World Factbook, your country’s foreign ministry website, domestic programs within your country, and your country’s voting record on key treaties or resolutions. For the possible solutions section, you can get ideas from NGO or think tank policy recommendations, and see which positions are best suited to your country, Bolivia.

Winners of Model UN conferences "own" their countries. This means that you know and show why and how your position is the right one for your country. You should not make anything up; your position as Bolivia should be coherent with the argument you make.

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