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What should an employer look for when selecting a pre-employment personality test?

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When choosing a pre-employment personality test an employer should look for a well-rounded set of questions within that test. This enables the employer to elicit a broad spectrum of responses from their potential employee. It gives the employer a detailed view of how this individual will fit in with their organization.

The pre-employment personality test should give the employer a good indication of the employee's personality strengths and how these will interact with the rest of the people in the organization. For example, the test should help the employer see the individual's ability to work cooperatively with others. The test should also reveal the interview subject's ability to handle stressful and difficult situations that require poise and tact. Answers to specific questions in this area can reveal strengths and weaknesses in this area.

Employer want to understand what strengths of the potential employee are suited to certain jobs within the company. An individual may have significant analytical attributes and would be suited to a finance role. Moreover, a personality test may reveal that they are very empathetic towards others - therefore, they may work well as a company trainer or Human Resources (HR) employee.

The pre-employment personality test should consist of open-ended questions that cause the interview subject to elaborate on their experiences, feelings, and views. Simple, one-word, "Yes" and "No" answers to questions are not conducive to learning what makes a person 'tick" so-to-speak. To get inside the mind of the person, the pre-employment personality test must reveal how an employee would think and act in certain company work situations. Only then can an employer make a wise decision on whether the person would be a good addition to their team.

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