Discuss an action step that can be taken to promote multiculturalism.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one specific action step that can be taken is to enhance the discussion of multiculturalism and suggest that the idea of different narratives of America does not trade off with what it means to be "American."  There is a strong belief in those who posit American Exceptionalism that the supposed "danger" of multiculturalist identity and other narratives similar to it is that it detracts from the notion of a unified America.  In stump speeches, Republican candidates for Presidents suggest this.  Candidates like Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have suggested that the aims of a divergent multicultural identity detract from the idea of an "exceptional" America.  I think that a direct action step that can be taken is to challenge this notion.  Those who support multicultural identity and its advancement as part of the American political and social discourse have to make sure that the current visions of American exceptionalism of how division and divergence are not to be accepted has to be challenged.  Certainly, this is becoming more clear in the ongoing challenges of American cultural valences.  For example, the recent California Court ruling that suggests California's ban on same- sex marriage is unconstitutional is a part of this, in that those who advocate the multicultural identity can further this as part of the narrative.  I also think that more in way of open discussion and debate about how multicultural identity does not trade off with the greatness of America, but actually furthers its exceptionalism is an active step that can be taken to enhance multiculturalism in a setting that might not actively embrace it.