Explain the movie Evita through a short synopsis. How did she help her country?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This film is set up as a frame story, as it is framed by the death of Evita (Eva Peron) herself.  Seeing Eva in her coffin inspires the narrator to tell us more about her.  There is a short flashback to Eva's own childhood and the troubles having to do with the death of her father.  Then we follow Eva as she makes her way to Buenos Aires and progresses through several relationships, moving her way up the social ladder.

Eva then meets Peron, recognizes potential, and promotes him through her radio program.  The people of Argentina become enamored of the couple as a result of Eva's support.  Peron win the presidential election and Eva gives aid to the poor of the country.  Eva starts on her adventurous "Rainbow Tour" of other countries which begins well, but ends with both sickness and the knowledge that the elites of Argentinian society hate her because of her love for the poor.  Eva eventually dies and our narrator is moved at her coffin.

In short, Evita helps her country the most through her determination to help the poor and working class of Argentina no matter what it takes to do so.  She remains an iconic figure in the country to this day.