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One theme of the first book in this series is that appearances can be deceiving.  Mrs. Dodds seemed like a stereotypical, mean, old-school style teacher.  She turns out to be one of the Furies of classical mythology: definitely not an expectation the average person would have.  Also, Grover has successfully hidden his identity and purpose in Percy's life so far.  Percy never would have guessed that he is half goat, a satyr, whose shoes hide his hooves and hair hides his horns.  Likewise, Mr. Brunner hides his identity as Chiron, the centaur, in his magical wheelchair.  Even the pen he tosses Percy that turns into a sword when it is uncapped is clearly more than meets the eye. 

Perhaps most upsetting, however, is that Luke is not the friend to Percy that he appears to be.  He is the friend whose betrayal the oracle told Percy of early in the book.  He not only tries to have Percy killed; he actually attempts to kill him himself when others fail.  In many ways, then, this book proves that people and things are often much different than they appear.

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