What is a short summary of the the short story "The Beauty and the Beast"

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

*Since you did not specify an author, I went with Joseph Jacob's short story "Beauty and the Beast.  If, of course, this is not the version you were interested in, please re-post the question with the specific author.

In this classic version of Beauty and the Beast, a merchant asks his daughters what he may bring them from his travels; the elder two daughters ask for jewelry, but the youngest, Bella, replies that all she really wants for her papa to return safely.  Upon her father's request for her to name a gift, she also asks for a rose. 

On the father's return journey, he stops to cut a rose from a beautiful garden, but a horrible Beast stops him. The beast tells the father that the penalty for stealing is death, but he makes a bargain with the merchant for his youngest daughter to come and live with him instead.

The daughter dutifully joins the beast at his enchanted house where all her needs and wants are met by simply clapping and asking for the object of her desire.  She and the Beast become friends over time, until one day when she finds the beast huddled in the garden.  Fearing his death, Bella cries out that she loves him, and the magical spell reverses, leaving a handsome prince where once lay the horrible form of the beast.  Bella and the prince are married and live happily ever after.

naz2011 | Student

this is the very beautifull story retold by joseph jacob.story starts when a merchant go to the town, before of his departure he ask his three daughters,what would they like from town?elder daughter answered for dress ,next on answered for pearl set but the younger daughter named beauty ask for a beautiful rose by her father's hand.merchant went to the town but sudden weather get disasterous. so he decided to stop his journey.then he saw a light coming from a palace ,he decided to follow the light soon he reach the palace but he found nobody is there.he ask "is anybody here"?but no reply has come .then he saw a table with lots of food items ,due to hunger he cant wait for anyone and start eating. after having food he go to the next room were bed is ready for him.he was very much tired of journey so he go for sleep. in the morning he found a cup of coffee and basket of fruits near his bed.after finishing his breakfast he go towards the garden were he saw a bunch of roses which reminds him of his daughter beauty who demanded a rose for her.then he pluck the rose,suddenly beast came out of the bunches and starts shouting at him that" how dare you to pluck my roses i will kill you for this" , then merchant beging for his life and told all the story about his daughter. after listening his words beast decided to leave him but he also ask him for his daughter.merchant had no way except saying yes. so merchant go back to his home but reaching home he start crying and said all the matter to his daughters. after hearing everything beauty decided to go with the beast for her father.she went to the beast's palace ,after few days conversation starts between them.one day beast ask her for marry but she deny beast say its ok.one morning beast give her a magical mirror. in the mirror beauty see her father is ill and very near to die she started crying beast came and ask reason for her cryness she explain everything . beast ordered her to go to her house but only for seven days.beauty get happy and promised beast that she will come within seven days.but after visiting her home she forgot all about her promise .then suddenly one day she is dreaming that beast is dying and cry for beauty.she ran away and go to the beast palace where she found beast is dying she shouts dont die i love you so much. then suddenly beast transforms into a charming prince. he told all the story about the witch who converted him into beast and told him that true love will transform him into his real face,he thanks beauty for her love and they both get married and live happily.   this is the short story of beauty and the beast hope you would like this and it will help you.          

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Madame de Villeneuve