Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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What is a short summary of Pride and Prejudice?

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At least one or two of the five Bennet daughters must marry a rich man in order to preserve their family from financial ruin once Mr. Bennet dies. His estate is entailed away to the girls' ridiculous cousin, Mr. Collins, who wishes to marry Elizabeth, though she refuses him, much to her mother's chagrin. Jane falls in love with the charming and rich Mr. Bingley, though his sisters and even his friend, Mr. Darcy, try to keep them apart. Elizabeth initially turns down a marriage proposal from Mr. Darcy because he insults her even as he professes his love, though she later begins to change her opinion of him and eventually accepts him. Lydia, the youngest sister, runs away with an officer, and Mr. Darcy must incentivize this Mr. Wickham to actually marry Lydia so that she and her family do not become a total disgrace. Mr. Darcy braves the upset of his aunt and Mr. Collins' patron, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who planned on him marrying her daughter, the sickly Lady Anne. Mrs. Bennet finds fulfillment in...

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