What is a short summary of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini?

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As a child, Amir grows up in Kabul, where he and his father, Baba, enjoy the privilege of being Pashtun, which is the majority ethnic group of Afghanistan. Amir and Baba live with their servants, Ali and his son, Hassan. Ali and Hassan are both Hazaras and are considered lowly second-class citizens.

Despite their different ethnicities, Amir and Hassan are best friends and spend the majority of their leisure time playing together. Sadly, Amir cannot publicly acknowledge their friendship because he is a Pashtun. Amir also resents the fact that Baba is generally dismissive of him but admires Hassan.

After Amir and Hassan win the kite-fighting tournament, Amir chases after Hassan and witnesses his best friend being raped by Assef. Tragically, Amir refuses to intervene and becomes overwhelmed with guilt after the incident. Following Hassan's rape, Amir refuses to be Hassan's friend, and Ali and Hassan eventually move away.

Amir and Baba end up immigrating to the United States, where Amir...

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