What is a short summary of chapter 13?

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Brave New World is a dystopian novel written by Aldous Huxley. In Chapter 13, the relationship between Lenina and John the Savage reaches a climactic moment that reveals the culture clash between their moral and value systems. 

Lenina feels herself falling in love with John, an emotional attachment that is shunned and seen as disgraceful by her society, which Fanny expresses to Lenina. Lenina, however, does not care, and decides to go to see John and share her feelings; in her culture, the means of expressing love are physical. 

When Lenina arrives at John's apartment, he does not want to have sex with her; he, too, is falling in love with Lenina. However, in his culture, the means of expressing love are verbal, mental, and emotional. Their difference in perspectives leads to a violent culture clash.

Lenina strips nearly naked to have sex with John, believing he is in love with her and will want the same. John is appalled, feeling betrayed, for from his perspective, this is an act that reveals Lenina does not love him. He threatens her with bodily violence and she locks herself in the bathroom.  

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