What short story besides, Checkov's version, and Kate Chopin's "The Storm," can Oates's version be compared to?

paiblauer | Student

You could compare Joyce Carol Oatses' "Lady with the Pet Dog" to Beth Lordan's "The Man With the Lapdog,” which is the first story in her “novel-in-stories,” “But Come Ye Back.” You could also compare it to David Means’s story, “Reading Chekhov,” from his new collection, “The Spot,” because it is a story that mirrors “Lady with a Pet Dog” and the characters also pay tribute to Checkhov. These two short stories are modern tributes and contain similar themes to Chekhov’s story. One theme that emerges in all three is that of questioning true love, and both of these authors illustrate how characters wrestle with distinguishing between whether the love they feel is true or a notion of falsehood and fantasy.

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