What is the climax of "A Christmas Memory"?   

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The climax is the high point of a story. In "A Christmas Memory," after all the struggles to earn money and collect supplies for the Christmas fruitcakes and then to make them—which leads to an unhappy conflict with the relatives when Sook gives Buddy some leftover whiskey—finally Christmas Day comes.

Buddy and Sook give each other homemade kites. It is a windy day, so they take the kites to the Pasture and fly them. This is the climax, because while flying the kites together, both Sook and Buddy experience a feeling of deep joy and contentment. Buddy says that

I'm as happy as if we'd already won the fifty-thousand-dollar Grand Prize in that coffee-naming contest.

Sook expresses a similar sentiment, saying she thought she would have to be sick and dying to see God. She also thought it would be a religious experience, like seeing light shining through a stained glass window. But...

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