What is Shakespeare's influence on culture and language of the English-speaking world?   

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shakespeareguru eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not only have the phrases that Shakespeare created become part of our common parlance, he also invented words that we would never have had in our English language at all, if it wasn't for his interest in playing around with the language.  Shakespeare particularly loved to use common verbs and nouns to create many new adjectives and adverbs.  Here are a few of the over 1500 words he invented:

accommodation, amazement, assassination, bloody, control (noun), countless, courtship, critic, critical, eventful, exposure, fitful, frugal, generous, gloomy, gnarled, hurry, laughable, lonely, majestic, misplaced, monumental, obscene, perusal, premeditated, radiance, reliance, road, submerge, suspicious.

Bestowing upon us invented words that we use every day is one of the largest contributions that Shakespeare made to the English language and culture.