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Do you mean the historical background regarding Julius Caesar? If so, in 1599, when Julius Caesar was first performed, Queen Elizabeth I, the Tudor Queen, was in the final years of her 45-year reign (1558-1603). It was a period of history called the "Age of Discovery," a time of scientific growth, a rebirth of the arts, and exploration of the recently discovered continents of North and South America. Historical plays were popular during Shakespeare's lifetime and people were eager to learn about worlds other than their own. A play like Julius Caesar taught them about Roman history, and at the same time, provided them with a mirror of their own society-a peacetime monarchy after a hundred years of warfare and before the Civil War that began in 1642.

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i would have to say In the play “Julius Caesar” which was written by William Shakespeare was first performed in 1599. It establishes the dramatic problem of alarm at Julius Caesar's ambition to become "king" in the very first scene and introduces signs that Caesar must "beware the Ides of March" from the outset. This play shows that the history of men with power will always want more no matter the cost of others until they have consumed their own desires.
mainly what i am saying is that he always writes his plays on things that are actually true when yo wouldnt think that they are

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