In "Fahrenheit 451", what ways does Montag stand up to society and do the right thing?

Expert Answers
ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montag first stands up to society when he takes a book from the attic of the old woman. Af first, he is simply curious but after seeing the old woman light herself on fire because of her love for her books, he is intrigued. Against strict orders, he begins to secretly hoard books taken from fires. Instead of throwing the books away because he cannot understand them, he seeks out Faber. He helps devise a plan to discredit firemen who represent society.. However, his plan fails and Montag's own house is threatened. Montag stands up to Captain Beatty and finally turns the flamethrower both on Beatty and the mechanical hound. Thus Montag has totally rejected society and must hurry to save his own life. Montag escapes, and despite a massive manhunt, stops to rescue a few books and tries to continue his plan by planting books in Black's house, a fellow fireman. Montag continues to fight against society, even after learning he's the subject of a massive manhunt. With great effort, Montag escapes to the countryside and joins the "book covers", people who are the ultimate fighters against society. They plan on memorizing books for future generations. Thus Montag stands up to society and lives until he can pass the book he's memorized on to the next civilization.