What are the settings in Walk Two Moons?

Expert Answers
Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are three distinct settings in Walk Two Moons. The first setting is the route of the road trip Sal goes on with her grandparents from Euclid, Ohio to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She tells them the story of her experiences as they go to Idaho so Sal (as she tells herself) can reach her mother before her birthday and bring her home. At each stop, Sal’s adventures with her beloved grandparents give insight into Sal’s family. The other settings are within the story that Sal tells. Bybanks, Kentucky is where Sal lived with her mother and father before her mother left. Sal considers this place her real home. It is a rural setting, with many trees and open spaces. This is where Sal is at peace. At the time of the novel, however, Sal and her father have moved to the small town of Euclid, where her father finds a job so he can be near Margaret Cadaver. In Euclid, Sal goes to school and makes friends, but Euclid is not where she wants to be. These three settings work together to reveal the different aspects of Sal’s life, as well as the pieces she must put together after her mother left.