What is the setting of "A Piece of Steak?

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This story by Jack London is about a down and out boxer named Tom King.  Tom has a wife and family.  He is old now and the story recalls some of his younger days as a up and coming boxer.  Now, he can't afford food for his family and he has a fight in a few hours that he must win to earn some money for his family because none of the local merchants will give a old boxer like him credit.  The setting of the story is in Australia.

"He had got up in the morning with a longing for a piece of steak, and the longing had not abated. He had not had a fair training for this fight. It was a drought year in Australia, times were hard, and even the most irregular work was difficult to find. He had had no sparring partner, and his food had not been of the best nor always sufficient. He had done a few days navvy work when he could get it, and he had run around the Domain in the early mornings to get his legs in shape. But it was hard, training without a partner and with a wife and two kiddies that must be fed. Credit with the tradesmen had undergone very slight expansion when he was matched with Sandel."

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