What are the settings for the chapters of The Scarlet Pimpernel?

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The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy is a romantic adventure set in the turbulent times of the French Revolution. The main character, an Englishman, Sir Percy Blakeney, is a wealthy and fashionable gentlemen who acts rather foolishly because he is secretly the flamboyant Scarlet Pimpernel who smuggles aristocrats out of France. His wife, Lady Blakeney has a rather controversial history that intertwines with the activities of the Scarlet Pimpernel, all of which makes for a stirring tale.

Here are the settings for the various chapters of this scintillating story:


1. Paris: September, 1792 - Paris, France
2. Dover, England at the Fisherman's Rest - Here there is a small pub which is the rendez-vous for the French aristocrats to arrive.
3. Fisherman's Rest in Dover
4. Fisherman's Rest
5. Fisherman's Rest
6. Fisherman's Rest - This chapter digresses some to provide background information on Lady Blakeney, formerly Marguerite St. Just who drew the most distinguished, most intellectual, most fashionable of Paris.
7. Fisherman's Rest - "The Orchard," where Lady Blakeney has a secret meeting with her brother Armand.
8. Dover in Kent County, England
9. The London road, Fisherman's Rest
10. London, Covent Garden Theatre - the Blakeney opera box
11. London - Lord Greenville's Ball
12. London - Lord Greenville's Ball
13. London - Lord Greenville's
14. London - Lord Greenville's
15. London - Lord Greenville's
16. Richmond, England - The Blakeney country home
17. Richmond, England - The Blakeney's
18. Richmond, London - Lady Blakeney is at the country home, but Sir Percy has returned to London
19. Richmond - Lady Blakeney learns that her husband has hired a coach from London to take him to Dover.
20. London - Lady Blakeney meets with Sir Andrew and they hope to intercede for the Scarlet Pimpernel before Chauvelin reaches him in Calais, France, on the coast.
21. Fisherman's Rest in Dover
22. Calais, France - Le Chat Gris inn [The Grey Cat inn]
23. Le Chat Gris in Calais
24. Le Chat Gris in Calais
25. Le Chat Gris in Calais
26. Le Chat Gris in Calais - Marguerite Blakeney watches from the loft as Chauvelin tries to close in on the Scarlet Pimpernel.
27. Le Chat Gris - outside the inn - Lady Blakeney tries to run to Pere Blanchard's hut.
28. Pere Blanchard's hut, Calais
29. Pere Blanchard's hut, Calais - Lady Blakeney overhears Chauvelin giving orders to his men.
30. The fisherman's hut, Calais, Dover, England - Chauvelin is defeated as the men have escaped to Sir Percy's yacht. Lady Blakeney hears cries of pain and recognizes Sir Percy's voice; he is disguised as the old Jew that Chauvelin ordered beaten for his misinformation and treachery. Sir Percy and Lady Blakeney return to Dover on the Day Dream.

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