What is the setting of As You Like it?

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sensei918 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As You Like It takes place in two main settings, and the contrast between the two places is very important to the play. The story begins at the court of the reigning Duke Senior. He is benevolent, and the setting is comfortable and seemingly safe. However, the Duke's brother Frederick has wanted to take over for quite some time, and he does, banishing the Duke and his courtiers to the Forest of Arden, which seems like a harsh punishment. The setting changes to the outdoors for the remainder of the play, and, as it turns out, the Forest is not such a bad place to be at all. The Duke and his followers seem to enjoy the rustic,pastoral life, and they get along quite well. The Forest is just as benevolent and safe, maybe safer, than the court was, and, even though Frederick gives up his rule, the characters seem to be in no hurry to return to court life, preferring to hold the weddings at the end of the play outside in the forest.

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