What is the setting of "Tuck Everlasting," and how does it influence the story?

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The setting in the book Tuck Everlasting takes place in a undeveloped and well wooded forest that lays open to the idea that people could live hidden away from generations of society.  The year is 1881.  Tuck and his family reside in a rather primitive shack with few luxuries.  Their environment is set within nature and consists of a creek fed by an underground stream.  Somewhere hidden within an old ash is the magic water which spurts out.  There is also a lake and presence of solace and acceptance within the woods.  The woods are called the Treesap Woods.


Winnie lives in a comfortable middle class home on the outskirts of the forest.  Her home has a fenced in yard.

The influence of the two settings in the story serve as a metaphor for the choices that Winnie must make when she tries to decide to whether or not to drink the water and have eternal life or go back to her previous life.  The serenity in the natural setting seems to lure Winnie, but in reality there is a bigger price to pay for having everlasting life. 

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