What is the setting in the story "The Man Who Was Almost a Man"?

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The short story "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" by Richard Wright tells of a 16-year-old African American boy named Dave who wants to buy a gun. He thinks that if he owns a gun he will somehow be more mature and be treated with respect as a man and not as a boy. He convinces his mother to give him the money, brings it to work plowing fields, and accidentally shoots and kills the donkey that pulls the plow. Rather than surrender the gun, he decides to run away, so he hops aboard a moving train.

Wright does not give the specific location in which the story takes place, but it is obviously a rural area. Dave works for the white owner of a nearby farm plowing fields and doing other chores. His parents are poor. They live in a small home that has an outhouse instead of a toilet. We can see that they account for every bit of money that comes into the house. It seems that they are surrounded by white landowners. We can guess that the story takes place in the Deep South due to the accents of the...

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