Comment on the setting and staging of The Miracle Worker and its importance.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Key to focus on is the way in which Gibson believed in having a very fluid approach to staging which meant that it was possible to represent multiple locations on a single stage. We see this for example in the way that Annie is at the Keller household and then is drawn back into her past in the institute. One of the tremendous advantages of such a fluid approach to setting and staging is that it means that characters occupying different locations, or parts of the stage, can actually impact one another. Note our first introduction to Anne whilst she is still at the Perkins Institution. In this scene, she hears the voices of her past and Anagnos is forced to call her back to the present by calling her name. As Annie shouts out "Coming!" we are told in the stage directions that Kate hears this:

This word catches KATE, who stands half turned and attentive to it, almost as though hearing it.

Two worlds are thus shown to be linked through the setting and the staging, and the fluid minimalistic way in which setting is created in this play mean that such links are reinforced without the need for a time-consuming shift of setting and staging.