In Bud, not Buddy,what is the setting of the story?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Remember you are only allowed to ask one question, so I have edited your question to focus on the setting of this novel. Crucial to the action of the novel is the widespread poverty of the Depression that acts as a backdrop to the entire novel. Poverty is never too far away from the cardboard city of Hooverville to the people in line for food at the mission. Remember too the plan of Bugs and Bud to get a ride on the train to go hunting for work, which many people did. The author seems to draw constant attention to the setting of the 30's in America with repeated allusions that are made to gangster movies, such as "it would have been curtains", then clearly the jazz group is likewise another important historical detail. What is interesting about this novel however is that unlike other historically based novels set during the Depression this novel centres on one 10 year old runaway boy and not a massive migration to look for work.