What is the setting of the story "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury?

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The basic setting in which the story takes place is a jungle in which a safari is being conducted.  The characters are on a type of safari- like hunt for a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  The safari is taking place during the prehistoric times, courtesy of a time machine in which people from the future can pay a sum of money and travel back in time.  It is this setting in the past with people from the future in which Bradbury is able to construct his story, establishing the setting for it.  The characters may be of the future, traveling back in time to the prehistoric past, but Bradbury does not let this obscure the basic flaws of what it means to be human.  This character trait is something that we see in our own sensibilities in the current setting and is reflected in these characters from the future who have traveled back in time.  This helps to bring out what Bradbury would see as an intrinsic human characteristic that is able to be evoked for all human beings regardless of time period.  In this, the characters from the future who are immersed in a setting of the past display the same type of human qualities that define what it means to be human throughout time.

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