What is the setting of "A Sound of Thunder"?

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Because "A Sound of Thunder" is an exploration and critique of the hubris of using advanced technology for frivolous purposes, the story has two settings: the age of dinosaurs and the "present day" in the United States in a near future shortly after a presidential election.

Eckels, the main character, has paid a large sum of money to travel back on a "safari" to kill a Tyrannosaurus rex. The present day of the story, as we encounter it through Eckels, is bureaucratic and technological, dominated by his experience at the time machine company. He and the man booking his safari are both grateful that Keith, rather than Deutscher, a potential dictator, won the recent election.

Bradbury spends more time on the dinosaur age, describing some of what Eckels sees as follows:

The jungle was high and the jungle was broad and the jungle was the entire world forever and forever. Sounds like music and sounds like flying tents filled the sky, and those were pterodactyls soaring with cavernous gray wings

Most of Bradbury's descriptive energy, however, is spent on describing the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex—so much bigger than any animal in the present-day world—and the theoretical wonders and dangers of time travel.

Eckels and his party return from the safari, Eckels having caused problems by panicking and killing a prehistoric butterfly. Now, changes in the setting reveal that he has, in fact, changed history. He is first alerted to the change by spelling variations on the safari sign, then discovers that in this new version of the present, Deutscher has become president.

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"A Sound of Thunder" takes place in three distinct settings. When the story begins, the action is occurring in the office of Time Safari, Inc., at the present time, after a very significant presidential election in which the democratic leader defeated the candidate that would have led to tyranny. 

The setting then changes to the past when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The men are on a safari to hunt the T Rex.  Time Safari Inc has established rules and procedures to control their impact on this environment, but ultimately they are unable to maintain complete control. This setting is significant because it represents man's interference in natural events and our desire to control natural processes.  

The setting then changes back to the original time and location, but with an alternative reality due to the effect of the interference in the past.  Now instead of the democratic leader winning the presidential election, the fascist leader has won. This small change in the setting changes every aspect of daily life for the characters in the story. This setting is significant because it represents the importance of man's responsibility for his actions.

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