What is the setting of School for Scandal?

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What do you mean by physical environment, I do not really know. As far as mental environment is concerned, Sheridan's play is not really a psychologically inclined drama but the prevailing mental condition in the play is one of duplicity, maintaining double standards and an appearance -reality dichotomy that has to work in a scandal ridden world.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play School for Scandal was performed in 1777 and along with Oliver Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer, it is widely regarded as an anti-sentimental play reviving the Restoration Manners Comedy tradition somewhat but in a much more satirical and less naturalistic style. It is set in the upper class fashionable urban space of London. There are two indoor spaces in the play primarily--Lady Sneerwell's House and the Peter Teazle House.

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the school for scandal operates with the backdrop of an urban social class of elites.contemporary elites had a frightfully monotonous existence without the urge of earing their own sustainence. thus they would regularly indulge themselves in circulating gossips in all social platforms.

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