What is the setting, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution for Year of Wonders?

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Year of Wonders is a novel that illustrates a year in the village of Eyam during an outbreak of the plague. It takes place in 1665 and 1666 as noted in the chapter titles. The village of Eyam (Eyam is the actual name of the village. The village is never named in the story) is located in the country, separate from London, but near other villages. This is important because the other villages are the ones in danger of being infected with the plague because of their proximity to Eyam. Eyam is a small village where everyone knows everyone's business.

The rising action of the story begins when George Viccars dies of the plague and then Anna Frith, the main character of the story, loses both her sons to the plague. These are apparently separate incidents, but we surmise that materials that Viccars owned and used carried the fatal "plague seeds" in the form of fleas from London. Viccars was a tailor and he had ordered material to make dresses for the women in the village. It is important to note that the rising action builds suspense because of the fact that no one knows what is happening and why people are dying.

The climax of the story would be near the end when Elinor Mompellion, the rector's wife is killed by Aphra Bont at the outdoor chapel that Rector Mompellion had established. The story seemed to have come to a happy conclusion and then this happens to take away the happy feelings of triumph for the village.

The falling action would be when Anna goes to help the Bradford women deliver the bastard child of the Colonel's wife. This sets up the resolution in which Anna escapes to safety with the child that she adopts and calls her own.

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