What is the setting of "Raymond's Run"?

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Toni Cade Bambara's short story "Raymond's Run" takes place in Harlem, New York in the late sixties. In the story, Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker, better known as "Squeaky," competes in the May Day races against the other neighborhood girls her age. Squeaky is the former May Day champion and is a prolific runner in her neighborhood. Squeaky is portrayed as a highly competitive adolescent who wishes to beat her new rival, Gretchen. In regards to the setting of the story, Squeaky mentions that she lives on Harlem's 151st Street, races to the fire hydrants on Amsterdam Avenue, and practices her breathing exercises while she strolls down Broadway. The May Day races take place at a local park in Harlem, and Squeaky ends up winning the gold medal by finishing first in her race. At the end of the story, Squeaky befriends her rival, Gretchen, and decides that she will train her intellectually disabled brother, Raymond.

"Raymond's Run" is set in the 1960s in Harlem and follows the story of Hazel...

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