Why I Live at the P.O.

by Eudora Welty

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What is the setting for "Why I Live at the P.O."?  

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The setting of “Why I Live at the P.O.” is the family home in China Grove, Mississippi at the turn of the twentieth century.

There is a small post office in China Grove, Mississippi that connects it to the outside world.  China Grove is a small, rural community where there are few residents and even fewer visitors.  In fact, when a traveling photographer shows up, the two sisters fight over him.

Of course I went with Mr. Whitaker first, when he first appeared here in China Grove, taking "Pose Yourself" photos, and Stella-Rondo broke us up. 

Since the sisters are from a family that is prominent in tiny China Grove, the sisters have fewer prospects.  Neither of them seems to be very smart, so they are not going to be able to go off to college or get a job.  It would be frowned upon for women of their status.  As a result, both end up bitter and alone. 

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