What is the setting of "The Oval Portrait"?

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The setting for this short story is an abandoned chateau in a mountain range called the Appennines that runs the length of the center of Italy. Because the chateau is in a mountain setting, it is remote. The narrator alludes to Ann Radcliffe and mentions that the setting would have brought to mind her very popular Gothic novels, such as The Mysteries of Udolpho, which features a mysterious, frightening picture (or possible something else) behind a black curtain found in a remote mountain chateau in Italy.

More specifically, the setting of this story is a fantastic turret room in the chateau. Although it is described as one of the simpler rooms in the home, by our standards it is opulent. For example, it has a "tall" candelabra and a bed with fringed black velvet hangings, the kind of furniture we might associate with a Vincent Price...

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