What are the settings in The Hero and the Crown?

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The settings are straightforward in The Hero and the Crown. The story is set in the fantasy quasimedieval land of Damar. Three major settings are prominent in the story. The first is the castle of King and his clumsy daughter Aerin. The village, which is plagued by small dragons followed by a large dragon, lies beyond the castle walls. After Aerin slays the large dragon, Maur, the setting locale changes to the abode of the wizard Luthe, living beyond the boundaries of Damar, who cures Aerin of her dragon fire injuries and teaches her about her powers and gifts. Aerin leaves Luthe to return to the setting of Damar to engage in battle against the forces of her uncle, the wizard Agsded, and to become the victorious Queen of Damar, returning once again to the castle.

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