The Chrysalids Questions and Answers
by John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beyn Harris

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What is the setting of the novel The Chrysalids?

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The Chrysalids is set in Waknuk in a time deep into the distant future.  There has been some kind of apocalyptic event, known as the Tribulation, and it has left the people of Waknuk in a 19th century level of technology.

Waknuk is in what today is Canda, in Labrador.

The civilized part of it -- of which Waknuk was only a small district -- was called Labrador. (ch 4)

Labrador is in the extreme eastern tip of Canada, near Newfoundland. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.  The areas around Waknuk are known as the Fringes, where an uncivilized people who have been kicked out of Waknuk are living.

The people of Sealand (New Zealand) live far away from Waknuk.  They have more advanced technology, and can communicate telepathically.

Waknuk is a deeply religious society where no one who is different from their narrowly-defined view of human nature is allowed.  They even destroy crops and livestock that show differences.  As a result, there is no growth.  Waknuk’s isolation allows it to control its people and prevent any evolution of its society.

Your father and his kind are a part of those fragments. They have become history without being aware of it. (ch 16)

By setting the story in the future, an allegory of our time is achieved.  Waknuk is not so different from some of our countries and localities.  An apocalypse is not so out of sight, and neither is a tyrannical theocracy. 


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a-willis | Student

Chrysalids in is newflundland in canada after a nuclear war. it is a small community that contains  only "normal" people, or so they think. judging by the fact that there is a turn pike it could possibly be somehwere around st.johns. davids uncle is a sailor so it also points to newfound land

tinkerbel | Student

Waknuk is an inland village in southwest Labrador. It contains all the Norm people.

A large island to the notheast known as Greenland is rumored to have an amazonian culture with bizzare habits

Sealand is home to a socially and technologically advanced society where telephaty is the norm and is encouraged and developed.

Fringes is on the outskirts of Wuknuk Here is where the people considered to be deviants are sent. Even though the people of Wuknuk try to get rid od the deviant people by sending them to the Fringes the truth is they can not escape them because they are part of Waknuk , whether thr like it or not

eathelc | Student

The novel "The Chrysalids" is set in a future version of Newfoundland/Labrador Canada. Waknuk is in Labrador.