What is the setting of the novel, "The Cay?"

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The novel "The Cay" by Theodore Langhans Taylor was a young adult novel with the setting in the Caribbean islands.  The story is narrated by a blind man named Phillip. He is recalling his youth in the story, and begins when he is 11 years old.  "The Cay opens in February 1942 on the island of Curacao, then part of the Dutch West Indies. When Phillip is ship-wrecked, the setting shifts to an unnamed cay deep in the Devil's Mouth, long U-shaped coral banks in the Caribbean."

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Okay, let's clarify a few things. The story is told in the voice of Phillip; however, Phillip is NOT blind. His vision is repaired after he is rescued. Now as for the setting, the story begins in Curacas during WWII. Phillip lives there with his mother and father. While enroute to Virginia with his mother, Phillip's ship is bombed and he is rescured by a black man who works on the ship. They eventually drift onto a deserted island in an uncharted area called "The Devil's Mouth".