What is the setting of Mockingjay?

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The setting in Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins on a broad scale is  Panem, a futuristic country centered across the long-ruined remains of the United States.  Panem is comprised of twelve districts and a Capitol, which rules over the outlying districts harshly because of a poorly staged rebellion that happened more than seventy years ago. 

In Mockingjay, the districts rebel against the Capitol, and the setting of the novel shifts to follow the action as the main characters move in battle.  The novel opens with Katniss Everdeen, once dubbed 'the girl on fire' from the Hunger Games, sifting through the bombed-out wreckage of her home, District 12. 

The action also leads Katniss to District 13, the vast underground city that has challenged the authority of President Snow and the Capitol. District 13 is one of the most novel settings in Mockingjay. Built entirely underground, the district has streamlined its citizens' lives; schedules, activities, clothing, and diet are extremely uniform and regulated. Katniss comments:

"They're so frugal with things here, waste is practically a criminal activity" (18).

Even though Katniss finds this environment stifling, District 13 is free from the Hunger Games and the cruelty of President Snow, so her new home offers the hope of the kind of freedom that all the districts could enjoy if their rebellion against the Capitol proves successful. 


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