Miss Brill Setting

What is the setting of "Miss Brill"?

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The setting of a story is always the combination of two elements:  place and time.  "Miss Brill" is no exception; therefore, let's analyze both elements of setting in turn.

First, the place in "Miss Brill" is ironically specific and not specific at all.  It is set in France, in an unnamed town, but specifically in the "Public Gardens" of that town.  It can also be implied that it is a small French town that is coastal (in that the people can view the shore from the gardens.)  How are we sure it is in France?  Well, that is the only reason why the French term "Les Jardins Publiques" would be used.  Note the following quotation:

The blue sky [was] powdered with gold and great spots of lightlike white wine splashed over the Jardins Publiques.

This line is important to the setting because it is part of the very first line of the story and immediately establishes the specific Public Gardens as part of the not-so specific town setting in France.

What I find interesting is that no one...

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