What is the setting of the novel Walk Two Moons?  

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two different settings which can be found in Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons: the literal and the figurative.

The literal setting of the novel is set in between Ohio and Idaho. The protagonist, Sal, travels with her grandparents in order to retrace the final steps her mother took. Sal's grandparents believe that Sal needs to experience the same things her mother did in order to not forget her mother and to see things as her mother did.

The figurative setting of the novel also encompasses a journey. This time, the journey is one which takes place between childhood and adolescence.

With each step, both Sal's literal and figurative journey forces her to reconcile certain aspects of her own life. Given that she has lost an important figure in her life responsible for the molding of her character and life, each journey is symbolic in its importance to Sal's growth from a child to an adolescent.

Parts of her literal journey include visiting the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Yellowstone National Park, and Coeur d'Alene (all important to her, and her mother's, Native American heritage and culture). As for her figurative journey, it is important based upon the fact that Sal needs to complete her literal journey in order to complete her figurative one.