What is the setting for Hemingway's "Soldier's Home"?

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As the previous educator notes, the physical setting of "Soldier's Home" is a small town in the Midwest, not unlike Hemingway's own hometown of Elk Grove, Illinois, to which he, like Krebs, also returned after WWI.  Krebs, however, unlike most of the other veterans from his town, does not return home until almost two years after the war's end, and this late return (temporal setting) is crucial to Krebs' experience as a returning veteran.

The title itself--"Soldier's Home"--creates an ambiguity of setting that many readers overlook.  Hemingway almost certainly intended his readers to understand that the title could be read as meaning that Krebs has returned to his home--the soldier is home. He also intended the second meaning, which would resonate with the readers at the time of the story's publication, referring to a "soldier's home," that is, a home for soldiers, something that was commonly seen after both WWI and WWII. It was a place for soldiers who, for a variety of reasons, did...

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