What is the setting in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Although there are a number of locations in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the most important setting is the one that is shared by most of the novels: Hogwarts University, the school where young children with magical ability are taught to control and utilize their gifts.

Hogwarts is a massive complex, designed superficially like an English castle but with enormous grounds and an interior that is magically larger on the inside. Hogwarts is typified by its interior, which uses magic to create impossible structures, staircases, and passages. Author J.K. Rowling mentions that Hogwarts could not have been built using conventional construction methods, because the impossible architecture requires magic to exist (Wikipedia). The school has been around for a long time, so many rooms become significant to the plot of the story.

The other most important location is the Chamber of Secrets itself. This is an underground cave that has been sealed off and forgotten for years; only a person who speaks the language of snakes can open it up. The Chamber hides two major secrets: a basilisk, which starts to kill people during the second book, and the diary of Voldemort, which is shown later to house a Horcrux. The characters return to the Chamber years later to retrieve basilisk fangs.


matthewlambert100 | Student

The setting of harry potter and the chamber of secrets is probably the most varied in all of the harry potter series. The book begins with harry and Ron flying through the air in a car! quite amazing considering this cant actually happen in real life. As well as this incredible flight scene the book includes encounters with nature where harry and Ron are confronted by the whom-ping willow. There is also a Gothic-style castle which plays a role throughout the book. This castle is called hogwarts. Inside hogwarts the setting changes throughout the book, from a place of joy to a place of fear when blood is smeared on the walls of the chamber of secrets. Inside the chamber it all goes down. Lord voldermort waits for harry and the dark, gloomy nature of the chamber creates a great deal of tension and fear about what is about to happen. When Voldemort finally appears the reader/viewer is supposed to be quite literally quivering. Overall it is an enthralling book made all the more exhilarating by the setting.

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