What is the setting for Gary Paulsen's The River?

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Unfortunately, the setting of this book can't be nailed down to a very specific setting. Timeline wise, the book is set a year after the previous book in the series. Brian spent 54 days surviving in the Canadian wilderness after his plane crashed in book one. The following year, Brian is asked to go back to the Canadian wilderness in order to show a government psychologist how exactly Brian was able to do that. That's really it for setting. It's the next year, and Brian is somewhere in the northern Canadian wilderness. Readers really have no idea where he is. Paulsen places Brian and the other man by a lake that has a river flowing out of it. 100 miles south of the lake is a trading post, but that description could be dozens of places in Canada. The vague setting is a good thing for this kind of book because it makes readers really feel like they are lost and surviving with Brian. If readers knew too much about the setting, we could start thinking things like, "Well, all...

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