What is the setting for Frindle? (where and when)

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Frindle takes place in a relatively modern town.  Much of the action centers on a fifth grader and his classroom and home.

Nick Allen is in fifth grade.  He lives in Westfield, New Hampshire and goes to Lincoln Elementary School.  The story likely takes place in the mid 1990’s. 

Westfield was a quiet little town … things were orderly…  (ch 10, p. 57)

There are seasons in New Hampshire, and they seem to affect Nick’s mood.  When the story starts, it is the beginning of the school year and the weather is wonderful.  Nick does not want to stay inside doing work, so he tries to avoid homework by getting his teacher talking.  Nick gets so frustrated with the New Hampshire winters that he turns his third grade classroom into a tropical island.

What kid in New Hampshire isn’t ready for a little summer in February? (ch 1, p. 1)

The story takes place over Nick’s fifth grade year, but ends 10 years later when Nicholas opens the letter congratulating him because the word “frindle” has been added to the dictionary.