What is the setting of "The Found Boat?"

epollock | Student

There are many details of setting in "The Found Boat." The lifestyle and artifacts of the people of Jubilee suggest a poor or working-class environment in the years before electronic entertainment. The town is graphically realized, as is shown in paragraph 47, where the recovery of winter’s detritus is described. If the story is considered symbolically as an awakening of sexuality, the cold flood and the promise of warm water suggests the developing maturity of the major characters. This is what makes Munro's "The Found Boat" a classic short story as setting is integral to the plot which is woven into the theme of the story.

garywilson93 | Student

The setting in this story is in and around a small town where the edge of town has flooded. The flooded area is an attraction for the area youth. Uncertain of the age of the protagonists, I assume they are around 13, just bocoming aware and curios of their differences. The boat found and reconstructed I think represents thier excape vessel from childhood in an effort to enter adulthood. 

I really did not get much out of this peice. Although well written, and very descriptive, I found the plot to be monotonous. I would have enjoyed a little mystery, as I could forsee the ending with in the first page.