What is the setting in Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers
belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The setting of Fahrenheit 451 is a future dystopia, a country ruled by a massive government body that oversees and controls all parts of society without oversight. The banning of books has made people turn to television and become less and less interested in individual thought; TV shows are banal and plotless, serving only to serve meaningless emotion. While the people living in the society are superficially happy, they have no ambition or larger purpose, and are almost unaware that their country is on the verge of war with others. People's minds are so scattershot and vague that they do things without realizing, parrot everything they hear, and have almost no individual opinion. At the end, the city is destroyed by bombs, leaving small groups of individuals to try and rebuild.

eggreen | Student

The setting for Fahrenheit 451 is a large urban area, in the not too distant future (100-200 years from now).  It is a very dystopic setting where people show no compassion for each other and only care about what directly benefits and appeals to them.  Written word is illegal and being "social" is frowned upon.  Most everyone in society finds enjoyment in just watching tv and talking with their friends about what is on the television.  Rarely does anyone discuss anything of importance.