Why is the setting of "A Christmas Memory" important?

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The setting of the reminiscence, "A Christmas Memory," is essential to the narrative because all of Buddy's best memories are contained there. 

It is in this country town of the setting where Buddy and his cousin live. Although she is an adult of some sixty years, "[S]he is still a child, " and they are the best of friends. When winter weather starts to come, Buddy's friend declares, "It's fruitcake weather! Fetch our buggy. Help me find my hat." And the ritual begins. Buddy finds her hat for her, and they pull out a wicker buggy that was Buddy's when he was a baby. Using the carriage, Buddy and his cousin gather a load of windfall pecans. At home, they begin the arduous task of breaking the shells and extricating the sweet meat.

After completing this task, they must go to the store and purchase the necessary ingredients for their fruitcakes. Then, they visit Mr. Haha Jones, the local bootlegger who sells them whiskey for the cakes. When they tell him that the...

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