What is the setting in chapter five and who are the main characters?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The general setting for most of the book Always Running is Los Angeles, California.  More specifically, the setting focuses on the ghettos of Los Angeles.  Chapter five takes place in the area of East Los Angeles called Las Lomas.  It is also known as "The Hills."  It is an area of heavy gang influence and is in close proximity to other gang territories like "Sangra."  

One of the main characters is Luis Rodriguez.  The book is an autobiography, so it makes sense the Luis plays an important role in chapter five.  Because chapter five focuses on Luis's initiation into the Las Lomas gang there are various gang members in the chapter.  The most notable is Chente Ramirez.  Chente becomes a sort of mentor to Luis throughout the book and helps guide Luis's passion for more positive things outside of all the sex and drugs from gang life.  

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