What is the setting of chapter 2 of lyddie

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Lyddie is the two time Newbery Medals and National Book Awards winner Katherine Paterson’s coming of age novel set in 19th century New England. The story revolves around the challenges facing a thirteen year old Vermont farm girl named Lyddie Worthen and her attempts to bring her family back together.

The setting for chapter 2 starts out at the Worthen’s Vermont family farm where Lyddie and Charles Worthen, Lyddie’s ten year old brother were left by their mother. The two siblings sell their calf and leave the cabin after receiving a letter from their mother.The setting soon changes and is split between Cutler's Tavern and the Baker’s Mill. Young Lyddie is sent to Cutler’s Tavern to work as a housemaid and Charles Worthen is sent to Baker’s Mill per their mother’s letter.


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