What is the setting of Bud Not Buddy?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Setting typically encompasses a story's time and location.  The time period that this story takes place during is the Great Depression.  More specifically, the book takes place during the summer of 1936.  This puts Bud, Not Buddy at the height of the Great Depression.  Readers learn about the specific date in chapter 12 when Bud reads a pamphlet that Lefty is going to hand out to railroad workers.  Beyond being told the time period, readers witness the effects of the Great Depression as we read about the large number of orphans and shantytowns endemic to the area.  As for where the book takes place, it takes place in a few places around Michigan.  Much of the story takes place in Flint, Michigan; however, Bud does spend some time in a nearby shantytown called Hooverville.  As Bud searches for his father, he moves toward Grand Rapids.  This is where Bud meets his grandfather and where the story ends.