What is the setting of Brave New World?

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The temporal setting of Brave New World is the future. In this future, the planet is controlled under a World State with strict, genetically enforced class divisions. The lives of the citizens are micromanaged and highly regulated by the state. Unlike Orwell's dystopia 1984, however, the citizens of Brave New World are controlled through pleasure rather than pain.

Use of a drug called soma is common, with people popping it whenever they feel stressed or unhappy. This is a future where discomfort is seen as the greatest evil, so the government does everything to keep everyone ignorant and content. Mindless media and drug use keep the common people under control. Religion and art are not a part of this culture, since these are not easy pills to swallow.

We do get a glimpse of a society outside of this control with the "Savage" reservation. There, the people live according to the old ways, having children naturally (not in test tubes) and experiencing less than pleasant feelings. Their religion...

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