What is the setting of Boy by Roald Dahl?

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For the most part, the setting of Roald Dahl's novel Boy takes place in different schools in the United Kingdom.The first section tells about Dahl's pre-kindergarten and kindergarten years. 

The second section is set at "Llandaff Cathedral School." This school is located in the United Kingdom, north of the Welsh capitol (Cardiff).

The third section is set in "St. Peter’s." This school is also found in the United Kingdom. The actual location of this school is found in Devon.

The fourth section of the novel is set in "Repton and Shell." Repton is located in Derbyshire, in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. Shell could refer to Westminster School (given the shell design on the structures have brought forth the nickname Shell to the school).

Outside of the different school locations, the novel speaks about summers spent in Norway.


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