What is the setting of the book Monster? If it were to become a real movie, what would be the best REAL places for the setting to be?please help me.

Expert Answers
kschweiz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am assuming you are referring to Walter Dean Myers' novel Monster, which is about a young man from Harlem, New York, who gets involved with a rough crowd and is arrested after a botched robbery. Unlike his nefarious counterparts, the narrator (Steve Harmon) is being tried for murder in the case, and spends the majority of the novel in jail, flashing back to scenes of his life in his Harlem neighborhood. In terms of locations required for a film, several scenes take place at the drug store the boys rob, in Steve's home, on the playground/at a ball park in the neighborhood, and then in Steve's prison cell and the courtroom. These would be the likeliest locations required for a filmed production of the novel.